Before taking a long road trip, you should not forget to check your vehicle and the state of roads and highways and prepare the route in advance.

The long-awaited summer vacation finally arrived if you are one of the lucky ones who is already enjoying your free time, congratulations! If you are from the other half of the city, hot and stressed, take a breath and think you have less left to start them. If you are going to use a car or motorcycle to reach your beach or mountain destination, we give you some tips so that you can enjoy a safe trip.

During the holidays, the number of long-distance trips increases, making traffic more intense and congested, and accidents multiply.

Check the vehicle.

The first thing before starting a long road trip is to get your car or motorcycle ready. To do this, you must check the condition and pressure of the tires to ensure good adherence to the road and the condition of the steering, brakes, and engine. You will also need to check the vehicle's lights, including the fog lights, oil and brake fluid levels, and the operation of the windshield wiper. And don't forget about the required papers. Check that you have the driving license, the driving license, the insurance, and the technical inspection card.

Triangles, vest, and spare wheel. 

You must wear a reflective vest, as well as two certified danger signaling triangles in the event of a breakdown. Remember that you must place them in front of and behind the vehicle, about 50 meters away. Staying out for hours in the sun after a puncture does not sound like an excellent start to your vacation, so don't forget to bring a spare tire with the necessary pressure and the tools for its installation.

Plan your route. 

Days before your trip, plan your route, choosing the minor conflictive courses. Calculate how many hours your journey will last and decide in advance the stops to rest, and keep in mind that your trip can be lengthened. Research which gas stations are along the way and service areas to organize your holidays. But you should not stress behind the wheel if you find a lot of traffic, remember, you are on vacation.

Find out about retentions and the state of the roads. 

Before leaving you must inform yourself of the traffic situation. For that, you can dive into the social networks of local government sites to know in real-time which roads have the most congested traffic or have delays due to an accident. Also, use Google maps online, which is very useful for offering accurate information on traffic conditions on your mobile phone for comfortable and safe driving with the help of the Voice Push system (voice alerts) geo-location.

Have a good night. 

It is essential to start your trip well-rested since several hours await you at the wheel with thousands of drivers. Avoid drinking alcohol and medications that are incompatible with driving. If you go out after lunch, avoid giving yourself a copious lunch that will provide you with drowsiness, one of the leading causes of accidents.

Organize the trunk. 

Take your time to organize suitcases, umbrellas, and mats in the trunk of your car. And avoid overload. Having good visibility is essential to prevent scares while driving. Now they can put on their seat belts, fasten the children's ones and start the journey.

Refresh yourself.  

Choose comfortable clothes and shoes to avoid driving mistakes. Bringing refreshing drinks in the car and a snack will make the route more bearable and more on days with high temperatures like these. Also, don't forget to protect yourself from the sun before leaving home; you don't want to start your trip with one arm redder than the other, and don't hesitate to wear sunglasses to avoid poor visibility at the wheel.

Avoid distractions. 

There will be time to answer the was or look at your Instagram notifications if you are driving. Focus on driving as minor distractions cause many accidents. If the GPS has sent you to another road or you cannot find your dream apartment, stop for a second to search for it on your mobile.

Rest every two hours. 

We already know that you want to arrive at your destination soon, but making stops every two hours, stretching your legs, having a drink, and refreshing yourself will help you be more relaxed at the wheel when you continue on your way. You should also check the vehicle's temperature at stops to save yourself scare miles later if it is boiling.

Take care of short trips. 

Well! At last, you have reached your destination. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation, but do not forget to take care of short trips, in which we are more relaxed, and we allow ourselves to be less prudent, which causes accidents. Keep in mind that there are many pedestrians and cyclists on the roads on vacation, so you must exercise extreme caution behind the wheel and keep safe distances.


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