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Car valuation/ what is my car worth?

“We are car buyer” offer you a free car valuation for your used car. Use our car evaluation tool on the website for free today and put value to your vehicle. Various factors determine car valuation. You must provide your registration number, mileage, and personal information in our free car valuation tool. With an intelligent algorithm, it will calculate value according to current market trends.

Book an appointment with us if you want to have your car inspected before getting a car valuation. Your car’s value also depends on its current condition, mileage, year, fuel type, extra modification, service record etc. If you are searching for car buyers near me, you will get a million results, but not everyone will meet your car price expectation. Give it a try to evaluate your car. That does not change when later paying cash for your car.

However, if you have some additional questions about car evaluation services, you can check out the frequently asked questions below or call our customer service now.

Frequently Asked Questions


Selling a used car is not as easy as buying a car because many factors go into price value and deals. Variables like mentioned below play a role in affecting the price of the car. We are car buyers of any kind or model but calculating the car value is an important step which is done by judging characteristics of cars like:

  • Overall Condition
  • Model Year
  • Color
  • Mileage 
  • Age
  • Registration
  • Fuel Type 
  • Extra Modifications

There are some factors that are not included in data when calculating car valuation but have visible effects on the car's value. Things like extra modification, trendy color, full-service history, and no damage can increase the value of your car. On the contrary, not working parts, lots of previous owners, visible wear and tear, and gaps in service history decrease the car's value. Moreover, cars with higher mileage have lower values because they are prone to wear and tear. However, you can protect your car's value if you are thinking of selling by getting regular service and desirable color.

Car valuation is calculating the price or value based on the vehicle's condition and current market value. Whoever is looking to sell a car must know the car valuation because it will let you know how much your car is worth and don't waste time with dealers who just make assumptions. The car valuation is only valid for limited time because it changes over time, just like market trends. If you wait a long time to sell, the car value decreases due to higher mileage, and other factors will also pool in risking the value.

Not sure about the worth of your car according to market value? Then use our quick and free car valuation tool today. You just have to provide registration number and mileage or some additional information, and within minutes it will calculate the car valuation. It is data-driven and uses a smart algorithm that considers various variables and gives you an accurate car valuation. With the tool on our website, you can calculate it yourself, or you can visit us in person to talk about car valuation given the condition and other factors, in-depth with our representative.

Car valuation helps in many ways when you are about to make a decision to sell your car. By knowing your car's value beforehand, you will be able to make a good negotiation or deal with the private dealer. Moreover, you can compare your car's market value and offers made by buyers if you decide to part exchange and understand who is presenting a better option for you and make an informed decision.