Do you want to know what the top European road excursions are for your next vacation from the United Kingdom?

This article, "we are car buyer" will explain:

  • The best driving routes in Europe,
  • Crucial things to remember before going on a trip, and
  • Everything you need to know about roads, driving in Europe, and renting a car.

Getaways and road drives provide you with a sense of freedom. You are free to stop wherever and whenever you wish, without regard for schedules.

Furthermore, driving by road allows you to see some of Europe's most magnificent landscapes and visit destinations not accessible by rail, bus, or aircraft.


Make your dream European Road Vacation a reality.

If you wish to travel by car in Europe, you must first consider crucial factors such as roads, documentation, car insurance, and how to acquire the best rental car costs.

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Traveling around Europe by car: Tips

To have an excellent vehicle trip in Europe, you must keep a few things in mind.


Travelling Europe by car necessitates the acquisition of certain documents.

If you're driving your car through Europe, you'll need:

  • The Technical Inspection Card and the road tax are included in the car documents.
  • The most recent receipt for car insurance.
  • a valid Driver's Licence

If you rent a car, you will need to bring your ID and driver's license, as the rental business will provide you with all vehicle papers.


German roads are among the greatest in Europe, yet there are always traffic bottlenecks and construction projects.

Croatia's roads include a combination of well-maintained highways with numerous amenities and routes with no hard shoulders, low visibility, and poor condition, such as those along the coast and on some islands.


This piece was included because you can get penalized quickly while flying. We are usually calmer, and we are sometimes unaware of where we have parked the car or over the speed limit.

Keep an eye out for it, and stay tuned. They hand parking ticket on a journey through Germany since we forgot to put the key (we felt it wasn't essential in a bit of town), and when we returned from the visit, we discovered the present.

Insurance for automobiles

If you're renting a car for your trip, ensure sure your insurance includes things like roadside assistance and tire punctures.

Paying a little extra for these services is often less expensive than paying for a flat tire and all the associated processes.

Traveling by automobile applications

Now that roaming in Europe is free, use the free Google Maps and Waze apps to navigate from one spot on the schedule to the next. The benefit of these road apps is that they alert you when there is an accident or traffic on the road and suggest alternate routes to save time.

How much does it cost to travel by automobile across Europe?

It is very dependent on the type of trip you are planning, the destination you select, and the number of days you have to travel Europe by car.

Traveling by car in Europe          

Traveling by car via Switzerland, a rather expensive country is not the same as traveling through Europe's cheapest countries, such as Bulgaria or Montenegro. You may travel for less than 50 Euros per day in the latter, including housing, visits, and food.

You should also be aware that the rates will skyrocket if you travel through Europe during the summer. On the other hand, traveling in June or September will result in reduced pricing and fewer people.



With its historic cities, picturesque islands, and regional cuisine, Croatia is an ideal destination for exploring by car.

Here's the post on my 10-day trip to Croatia, complete with full information on the itinerary, what to do, where to stay, eat, and more.

Dubrovnik, as a starting point, is one of Croatia's most attractive cities.

We recommend spending at least two days in the city, visiting the walled city, its fortress, and the famed Stradun Boulevard, as well as taking the cable car up Mount Sr to enjoy one of Croatia's best sunsets.

Traveling by car in Europe with children

Split, Sibenik, Trogir, and Zadar are the following crucial steps on your journey across Croatia after Dubrovnik.

The best islands in Croatia are also a must-see. We traveled around the island of Brac, which is known for its turquoise-colored bays and beaches. To reach there, you can quickly drive your car onto the ship.

Last but not least, one of Croatia's most stunning locations: the Plitvice Lakes. A must-see on any vehicle trip to Croatia.

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If you want to take a driving tour of northern Europe, Poland is the place to go.

It will enchant you with its fairytale mansions, historic castles, traditional food (don't forget to try the pierogis), and the friendliness of its inhabitants.

Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Malbork Castle, and the coastal cities of Gdansk and Sopot are all must-sees on any road trip across Poland.

If you're planning a trip to Poland, don't forget to review these guides:

In three days, there are 50 things to see and do in Warsaw.

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Driving around Italy is an unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat!

You might be startled at how Italians drive and that there are traffic jams in some of the country's most famous towns during rush hour, but being able to go down the coast and stop at vistas, or tour the mountains and halt in small villages is invaluable.

If you ask me for driving suggestions in Italy, I'll tell you to go with a thousand eyes to the great cities and let yourself be taken away by the journey. Italy is a beautiful country!

It is simple to plan a trip to Italy by vehicle, and all you have to do now is pick the most challenging destination.

This trip may be undertaken at any time of year, but if you seek car routes through Europe in December or during the winter, We recommend taking this route through Northern Italy.

There are postcard views, including all of Trentino's snow-covered villages, and you can even ski in the Italian Alps!

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Germany is another must-see destination in Europe for motor travelers.

You will not be disappointed whether you travel through the Black Forest, visiting castles, or choose the north of the nation, with its fairytale towns.

There are alternative tours through northern Germany by car, which will lead you to see street art, traditional and environmentally friendly German cuisine, charming villages with conventional colored half-timbered buildings, and even breathtaking scenery from the Wadden Sea islands.

We travel from Leipzig on this northern German road trip, stopping in cities including Halle, Köthen, Celle, the Lüneburg Nature Reserve, Wilde, the Stade canals, the seaside resort Cuxhaven, and the island of Neuwerk.

Europe's best road trips

Here is the route of my 7-day vehicle journey in Germany, complete with all travel information, a plan, what to see, where to sleep, eat, and a map from Leipzig to Bremen.

By car, the shoreline of Lisbon

The Lisbon coast is probably one of Europe's best road journeys.        

The first visit should, of course, be to Lisbon, where you should spend at least two days. Tour the city's neighborhoods, hop on the tram, head to Belem for some of the city's famous sweets, and take in the best views of Lisbon from its vantage points.

Then begin your journey along the shore of Lisbon. This itinerary will take you to some of Portugal's best beaches, including Cresmina and Guincho, as well as the fishing village of Cascais, the famous Estoril, and, of course, Sintra and its magnificent castles.

Here you'll find all the details for this trip, including what to see in Cascais and the Lisbon Coast.

Routes through Europe by car with kids

It is simple to travel in Portugal by vehicle, and it's one of the European destinations where I've had the most fun driving.

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The coastal road of the Road or Causeway Coastal Route is one of my favorite vehicle excursions in Europe.

A road trip throughout Northern Ireland's whole coast, beginning in Belfast, rich in history and some of the most spectacular and hateful paintings I've ever seen.

The Giant's Causeway, the Path of the Gobbins, the Carrick-a-Rede Suspension Bridge, stunning cliffs, and movie castles will all be discovered on this journey down the coastal route.

You must see Carrickfergus, Ballygally, Bushmills, and Cushendall; also, you will pass through several Game of Thrones locations and sample Northern Ireland's delectable cuisine on this trip.

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By car, the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is without a doubt one of Europe's most famous motor journeys in recent years. And it's no surprise!

Did you know that Unesco designated the Amalfi Coast as a World Heritage Site?

Touring its vibrant, colorful, and flavorful seaside communities has become a fantastic experience.

Of course, drive carefully because the roads aren't the best, and it might be risky, especially when everyone is looking over the cliffs for the breathtaking vistas.

This driving tour of the Amalfi Coast begins in Naples and ends in Vietri Sul Mare via the meandering Strada Statale 163. Pompeii, Vico Equense (home of the margherita pizza), Sorrento (home of the greatest Limoncello), the Path of the Gods, Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, and Atrani are all must-see destinations.


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