Frequently Asked Questions


We are a trusted and reliable name in the car buying industry with over hundreds of satisfied clients. Our professional and secure services have been used nationwide by the residents of the UK. “We are car buyer” works with the simplest and quickest procedure, utmost security, confidentiality, and pays instantly after a deal with a free car collection.

Answer: Selling a car through a car buying site is the most effective and easiest way. We are car buyer is among the top leading car-buying sites that offer to buy your car in the quickest and secure procedure.
You can sell your used car of any model to us immediately. We are car buyer has the most sophisticated, fastest, and secure process and have been providing services all over the UK. We will buy your car within an hour and give instant payment with no hidden charges.
Our process of buying your car is simplest and quickest.
  • We determine the value of your car on the basis of condition and market rates.
  • Experts offer you deals based on the value.
  • We buy a car within an hour.
  • You get instant and full payment with no extra charges.
  • Our agent will come to collect the car from your doorstep.
We Are Car buyer is among the best car buying sites working and providing services all over the UK. Our impressive success rate is due to the number of satisfied clients and customer friendly and secure procedures.
Finding the car valuation has become easy and saves you the trouble of going to dealers and arguing about your car's value. Use our free car valuation tool on our website today and know about your car's value. Just type in registration number and mileage, and our smart algorithm will calculate its worth on the basis of current market value. However, if you like to talk in detail about the value and discuss other factors regarding car valuation, you can do it through customer service or book an appointment.
With some simple and consistent steps, you can increase the car valuation and sell it at a higher price.
  • Do proper maintenance of the car
  • Mind your mileage
  • Keep it clean from inside and outside
  • Keep up with regular service
  • Fix dents and tears
  • Keep detailed paperwork
  • Inspect, clean, and replace tires after a specific time.
Yes, you can sell a car on behalf of your relative, family, friend, or company. You will be needed to provide the ID of the original car owner or sellers and yours. We will also ask a letter of authorization from the car owner, stating that they consent to sell through you and their bank statement. You will be asked some further details as required by the formal procedure, so just make sure to book an appointment and discuss it in detail.
Of Course, you can sell the car of any deceased family member. During the selling and buying procedure, you will be asked to present the car owner's death certificate and ID and proof that you relate to the owner.