"We are Car Buyer" will give you very handy information that will save you both time and money. If you are going to travel in a rental car on your sightseeing trip in England, you will have to adapt to driving on the left along its roads. If you also do not choose to rent a car with an automatic transmission, you will also need a period of adaptation to managing the gearshift with your left hand. With our experience of several trips to Great Britain where we have rented a car to drive on its roads, below we will give you some essential tips for traveling by car in England.

Tips for driving by car in England

As soon as you get behind the car's wheel and start driving, it would help if you initially did it with enough caution to adapt well to driving on the left. The numerous roundabouts are the first and foremost difficulty you will find when you drive out from the arrival airport.

Roundabouts in England

Keep in mind that when you drive into a roundabout, you are used to looking at traffic coming from the left, but BEWARE, cars come from the right in England. You have to be very attentive and get used to it little by little, also bearing in mind that roundabouts are where you will have the most significant risks. Also, pay attention to the crossroads, where you will find the traffic and the directions changed.

Motorways in England

The motorway network is outstanding in England, with very long stretches of three to four lanes in each direction. Of course, there is usually a lot of traffic, especially in the vicinity of cities. When travelling on the motorway in England, you will find that most of the sections are long straights and, in addition, there are hardly any slope or winding sections.

If you want to travel quickly from one place to another, without hesitation, choose the routes with the most extended stretches of motorways. In England, you will soon see that if you travel by national or local roads, your trip will be very long given the large number of towns that intersect, with numerous roundabouts and crossroads with traffic lights.

Signs on the roads of England

On your drive through England, you will see that the signage is perfect and specifically, it offers us excellent specific signage for tourist sites, with brown background signs that complement the usual signage with traffic indications.

Radars on the roads of England

Be careful with the radars that you will find on English roads. On the highway, you will find many sections where you are warned of the existence of radars. A ubiquitous speed control system on motorways (they warn you in advance) is, from the initial capture of your speed and with a subsequent capture several miles later, the average at which you have travelled in those miles is calculated.

In this way, it is checked if you have exceeded the speed limit established in that controlled section. You will also verify that practically in every small town you cross with the car, there is radar, which you can see without problems because they warn you and show it to you in its bright yellow box.

Suppose you are also going to travel through the north of the United Kingdom, and in particular, you are going to drive through Scotland. In that case, you will find different circumstances, especially on the roads of the Highlands.

Speed ​​limits in the UK

I recommend you read the article with tips for driving on the roads of Scotland and check what the speed limits are in the United Kingdom. If you plan to rent a car for your sightseeing trip in England, I also recommend this article with tips for car rental.


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