Is there a market for hydrogen cars?

Everyone knows that the era of gasoline as the primary transportation fuel is coming to an end, and depending on where we live, fossil fuels will eventually be largely replaced, but not quite. It is not a surprise. This is due to the climate policies which in a way have the excellent objective of preserving the earth from phenomena like global warming and incidentally, saving fuel, not only for cars but for any means, whether production or Common use. 

For example, the European Union has started the countdown and by 2035 the sale of internal combustion cars will be prohibited, so electric vehicles will be the ones that take the lead in the market, although there is another alternative that is gaining more and more strength. , we refer to hydrogen cars. Many of us will think to sell car online for instant cash and upgrade to technological advancement. 

There are various factors that will be discussed shortly that make these hydrogen cars a viable transportation option.

As with electric cars, hydrogen cars do not pollute on their journeys, but their average autonomy is higher and stopping to refuel is a procedure that requires less than five minutes. 

In reality, the supply of electric cars is far greater than the supply of hydrogen cars, just as in nations like ours where alternative energy sources are still minor, if not non-existent. 

One of the situations that we could find against hydrogen cars, is precisely its report because on average the vehicles that use this energy source have tanks of just 7 kilos of this element that is stored in the form of gas and whose price It would be around 10 dollars, so filling a tank would not be cheaper than what it costs today to fill a tank of gasoline in an internal combustion car and it may be much higher than electricity. 

A hydrogen car reporting market, as proposed by certain brands that want a charging point every 150 kilometres on world routes (which still sounds like little, knowing that in Mexico, at least one gas station is available every 60 kilometres), can reduce this price significantly. 

When using hydrogen as a fuel, it is not necessary to generate hydrogen because it is the most plentiful element on Earth, but because it is always part of something and cannot be found directly in nature, it must be extracted.   For the time being, electrolysis is the most common method of obtaining hydrogen peroxide from water, which is a rare resource.

Emissions are produced as a result of the use of power in this manufacturing process. And to this we must add the subsequent purification: it should be noted that hydrogen cars only work when this element is of the highest purity. It is a problem for the industry to collect this element in a clean manner in order to be able to accurately describe this hydrogen as "green".Electricity has its own problems, including the fact that it is usually produced in a "dirty" way, i.e., by using a lot of fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel, or even electricity. For those who believe there is nothing cleaner on Earth, coal, a long-dead industry, has been brought back to life for the purpose of generating power. Indeed, the global average for clean electricity is currently 20%, which is well short of what is required.

The problems of hydrogen cars are varied and at first, appear complicated in order to be the vehicle that is projected to dominate the market in the future, yet they are not as complex as those of other types of vehicles such as what we described in advance.   When it comes to electric cars and "dirty" energy, reliability, modern technology, significant autonomy, reduced recharge periods, and environmental friendliness are all important considerations. 

As long as there's still time, more than a decade, to establish hydrogen cars as a viable alternative, and if it seems like a long time, we should remember how quickly electric cars rose to prominence and how quickly hydrogen cars will catch up to and possibly surpass those standards. We are Car Buyer brings to you the latest technology news. 



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