As the start of a new year approaches, many are the people who are encouraged to set goals and objectives to meet in this new period. And one of the purposes that are never missing is the purchase of a car. But when you get closer to making this decision, a classic question arises: what is more profitable, a car with zero miles or a second-hand one?

Whether for utility, comfort or even pleasure, it was buying a vehicle is a decision that requires attention to information and what the wallet says. That is why it is always useful to know the pros and cons of a new car vs. a second-hand car.



The car comes with a guarantee: If something fails, the store is responsible for solving it at no cost within a certain period.

Safety: It is usually safer than a used one. Also, it gives more confidence.

Technology: New cars connect to the internet have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Consumption: A new vehicle consumes less fuel than an old one.

It smells like new: People even buy the smell to use it at home.


Although it has the exact manufacturing date, a new car is up to 20% more expensive. Also, some can lose up to 35% or 40% of their value after only three years.

Initial fee: In general, you must pay an amount equivalent to 20% of the vehicle's value if you are going to buy it in instalments.

Taxes: New cars pay SAT from the first year of purchase. It is 1% of what the MEF says the car is worth.

Waiting time: Regardless of whether you have 100% of the vehicle's value, you have to wait between one and two weeks for delivery.



The price: It becomes up to 50% cheaper with only 4 or 5 years old.

There is no initial fee: This payment no longer exists, and financing alternatives can be found that even cover 100% of the vehicle's value.

Vehicle tax is cheaper

Retains its market value better:  A new car depreciates very quickly at first, but then the price tends to remain stable.

Car insurance is cheaper: The insurance premium is calculated based on its value, so it is more affordable.

The offer is more significant and varied: even some that no longer reach Peru.


Unknowns: It's almost like a bet. It can be taken to a trusted mechanic, but it may have to be taken often due to wear and tear.

There are no guarantees: If something happens to it or stops working, the new owner falls on repair costs.

Service: It isn't easy to know what has happened to each part of the vehicle throughout its history.

Whether it is a new car or a second-hand one, acquiring a vehicle will always be an investment, and it will depend on the buyer's profile on which one he chooses to buy. Sell your used car for the best value


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