THE REASONS FOR THE UNITED KINGDOM'S GASOLINE SHORTAGE would like to keep you updated on the current situation over fuel shortage. Over the weekend, the UK's petrol scarcity got worse. According to the British press, the issue is severe enough that the government is considering utilizing the army to compensate for a shortage of carriers.

Over the weekend, lengthy queues gathered in front of numerous petrol stations, particularly in large towns and the capital, London. On Monday, fuel shortages hit approximately 30% of British Petroleum's petrol outlets.

Inadequate carrier

These supply issues are a result of the pandemic, which forced many truckers, especially foreigners, to return home after new driver training institutes were halted for months.

Additionally, the entrance of new European Union truckers has been hindered by Brexit, which has resulted in significantly more onerous immigration procedures.

For months, retailers, food processors, and farmers have complained that a scarcity of HGV drivers was stressing supply systems, making it more difficult to get products on the shelves.

Since the summer, the British Road Transport Association (RHA) has warned that the UK's road transport sector is short of approximately 100,000 drivers.

According to the RHA, one of the factors contributing to the situation is the return of around 20,000 European drivers to their home countries. Following the UK's exit from the European Union (EU), British businesses are no longer permitted to hire EU citizens without a work permit.

Thousands of new carrier licenses have also been delayed in recent months due to the pandemic.

Tony Danker, director of the Confederation of British Industry  (CBI, in English), stated on Saturday that the British economy is currently experiencing a "hangover from Brexit."

On Saturday, the British government announced an amendment to its post-Brexit immigration policy, granting up to 10,500 interim three-month work visas.

These licenses will help address the shortage of truck drivers and workers in critical sectors of the British economy, such as poultry farming.

Despite the government's efforts to calm the populace, locals have raced to gas stations, concerned that the fuel may run out, especially with food supplies in low supply in supermarkets.

On Monday, motorists queued for hours to fill their automobiles at gas stations that remained open but frequently rationed fuel. Additionally, it was requested that priority be given to National Health Service (NHS) employees to ensure the continued operation of hospitals.

According to the newspaper The Sun, a medical assistant was had to visit three gas stations and wait for an extended period of time. "Now I'm running late for my patients' meals and medications," the health professional sobbed to the newspaper.

According to Reuter's reporters, pumps across the United Kingdom were either closed or displayed signs indicating that petrol was unavailable on Monday, with some restricting the amount of fuel that each customer could purchase.

This situation is reminiscent of the 1970s when an energy crisis necessitated the rationing of petrol and a three-day workweek. Around a decade ago, protests against the high price of gasoline also resulted in a refinery blockade, effectively paralyzing the country for weeks.

The UK's fuel shortfall is "clear and simple" the result of panicked purchases, the president of the British Petrol Station Association (PRA) told the BBC on Monday.

"One of our members received a container at noon and by the end of the afternoon, it had vanished completely" into motorists' vehicles, according to Brian Madderson, head of the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA).

Fuel shortages were reported primarily in urban regions of the country, with Northern Ireland appearing to be unaffected, as described.

The rise in demand for gasoline prompted the PRA to warn that up to two-thirds of its members, approximately 5,500 of the country's 8,000 independent gas stations, had very little fuel on Sunday and that the remainder were "nearly out of everything." Also, read about saving Fuel on your car by changing your driving habits. 


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