Nowadays, we have an increasing number of smartphones; in fact, Smartphones account for 60% of all terminals purchased, which may be tremendous aid or a big concern when it comes to driving. It is helpful to be aware of the dangers of using a smartphone while driving to avoid more severe effects.

When it comes to distraction behind the wheel, the cell phone is one of the most critical variables. Some drivers' habits have become commonplace, such as updating their social media profiles, conversing using WhatsApp, or reading their mail; however, we are not alone. These are some of the risks of using a smartphone while driving:

When they are stopped at a red light, 30% of drivers continue to use their phones while driving, and most of them send WhatsApp messages. This results in stress and a lack of concentration, which are critical when driving a vehicle.

Furthermore, sending messages while driving increases the chance of an accident by a factor of 23 because it incorporates three types of distraction:

  • When the eyes are drawn to the Smartphone screen, this is referred to as a visual distraction.
  • The mind is occupied with the text of the message, which is causing cognitive distraction.
  • Fingers type buttons that correspond to characters as a manual distraction.

Off-road, rear-end collisions, and run-over incidents are among the most common types of accidents caused by distractions.

The legal risks of using a smartphone while driving are added to the physical ones; for example, driving while chatting on the phone without using a hands-free device can result in a fine of up to £200 and a reduction of 6 points on a driver's license.

When operating a vehicle, all of these aspects are critical. Despite being aware of the dangers of using a smartphone while driving, drivers do not hesitate to use it in most circumstances. Although several tips can protect us, such as turning off the phone while driving, turning off alerts, or putting it out of reach, having insurance that defends us if we commit recklessness can help us if we face any sanction or fine. We are Car Buyer UK care for the motorists and their safety. 


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