Today "We are Car Buyer" brings you the 10 best cars to buy in 2022 for £10,000 (and we warn you that there are not many more).

Citroën Ami: from £6400

True, it is not so much a "real" electric car as a light quadricycle, but it drives, has roofs and doors, and is perfect for getting around town. It has an 8 hp engine, 5.5 kWh batteries, and its 60-miles range makes it a model designed for day-to-day use.

Dacia Sandero: from £7,500

Logically, the cheapest car on the market could not be absent, for which you can choose practically any engine and equipment. The even more interesting Sandero Stepway is narrowly out of budget, but it's worth that slight extra expense.

Fiat Panda: from £8,000

The Fiat Panda follows behind the Dacia , an exciting option as an urban vehicle, with contained dimensions that "comes at price" with practically its entire range, including the Panda Cross with a markedly country-style appearance.

Kia Picanto: from £8500

Small but attractive, the biggest downside of the Kia Picanto to fit within the budget is that you have to settle for the 67 hp engine, which may be solvent but indeed falls short.

Hyundai i10: from £9500

Its cousin, the Hyundai i10 , puts a very similar proposal on the table, with its limitations: only the four-seater configuration and the small 66 hp engine block.

Dacia Spring: from £8500

Yes, it has a trick: the price is with the MOVES III Plan. Even so, we are talking about one of the cheapest electric vehicles on the market, with an SUV aesthetic although with a somewhat limited section: only 45 hp. Hence, its benefits are fair, but with a pretty decent range of 170 miles.

Kia Rio: from £9800

With the ceiling at £12,000, the only Kia Rio that can be chosen is the one that uses the access finish by mounting the smallest engine, only 84 hp.

Dacia Logan: from £10,000

A sedan alternative to the Dacia Sandero , but which is also sold exclusively with the most interesting mechanics in the range: the 100 hp petrol block that can also run on LPG.

Fiat 500: from £9,000

A utility looking useful both inside and outside the city and that, in addition, is available with micro-hybrid mechanics that reduces the consumption of the 70 hp and 92 Nm engine that it mounts.

Renault Clio: from £8600

The Renault Clio closes the list and, to qualify for the limited budget, it has to undergo specific cuts, such as settling for the smallest engine in the range, with only 65 hp.

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