London Car Ownership Guide

How to Get Your Car Sold

When you sell your car privately, you will earn the highest money. Use online trade platforms such as “We are Car Buyer”, online auction sites such as eBay Cars, or classified websites such as gumtree.

You can part-exchange your car with a dealer and get an instant valuation of your car but you'll get less money than if you sold it privately. If you need to sell your automobile quickly, certain organizations will buy it from you right away, no matter how old or what type of vehicle it is. Companies like specialize in quick sales.

You can also pull your automobile off the road and register it as - off the road (SORN), and if it can't be sold owing to its bad condition, you might be able to sell it for parts to a scrap yard. Learn more about the city's car-related issues.

Purchase a Vehicle

You can purchase a new car from a car dealer, online, or at a car dealer.

Used vehicle dealers, individual sellers, showrooms, auto auctions, auto trade, and internet ads are all places to look for cars. Visit used car websites like ebay cars, autotrader, gumtree, parkers, vcars, and cargiant to find your nearest used car dealer or online auction sites.

Before you buy a car, there are a few things you should look into.


Ensure that the seller provides you with a copy of the vehicle registration paperwork - registration document - V5C. It's a two-page A4 document (without it, you won't be able to pay your car taxes!) An automobile without a V5C should not be purchased. Verify that the car's seller is the registered owner listed on the V5C document.

Verify that the V5C's license plate, car colour, engine number, and vehicle identifying number-VIN all match.

On the DVLA website, you may perform a simple vehicle check. Check if the vehicle has passed its MOT and has paid its road tax.

Check with HPI

It is a good idea to have an HPI check done before purchasing any used vehicle to ensure that it was not stolen, does not have any pending financing, has the correct mileage, was not involved in any accidents, and that all of the vehicle's details, such as the logbook and vin engine number, are correct.

The average cost of an HPI check is roughly £20. However, there are a variety of websites that provide HPI checks at various fees. By texting your registration plate number to 78 888, you may get an Instant HPI Check. A basic check costs £3, while a gold check costs £4. 


Check that the tires are in good shape and that a spare wheel is available.

Make sure there aren't any oxidations.

Make sure that all of the seat belts are in good working order.

Check for proper operation of the windshield wipers, horns, lights, indicators, and brake lights.

You can test drive the automobile to see if the brakes are in good working order, listen for strange noises, and see if the parking brake works properly.

When the controls are complete:

To finalize the transaction. You must complete the V5C vehicle registration document in order to be the registered owner of the car. The vendor is required by law to either submit it to the DVLA or register the change of ownership online. Then, until your documents arrive, retain the new green-keeper receipt as proof of ownership.

Before you get behind the wheel of your new vehicle.

You must make certain that you have

insurance on the road, as well as your vehicle's road tax

The car's MOT is good until it expires, but the road tax and insurance cannot be transferred and must be acquired by the new owner. Get a quote from AXA Car Insurance or compare insurance quotes at

Insurance for automobiles (Car Insurance)

AXA Car Insurance offers a pre-purchase quote at

The cost of car insurance can range from £200 to £2000 each year. Age, residence, where the car is kept, previous claims history, alarm or monitoring devices, profession, mileage, the purpose of use (for example, employment, social, business), and previous motoring violations will all affect the cost of insurance.

Cover for a Breakdown

Some insurance packages cover breakdowns, but you may also look for the best prices online. QDOS, RAC, and AA are some of the most well-known companies.

If you plan to travel outside of the UK, ensure sure you have European travel insurance from your insurer. Also recommended is European Breakdown Coverage.

MOT (Mechanical Overhaul) (Ministry of Transport Test)

This is done to ensure the vehicle's safety, roadworthiness, and exhaust emissions. In England, MOT testing is required once a year at an official MOT testing site like KwikFit London, Halfords auto center, or separate garages. It will set you back around £50.

It is not necessary to service the car once a year, although it is suggested. An oil and filter change, as well as a visual assessment of the vehicle, are included in a standard service.

It must be paid before the car can be driven on a public road. The car tax rate is determined by the engine size or kind of fuel used, as well as CO2 emissions. The annual tax on a basic car ranges from £ 30 to £ 250. Rates of road taxes

If you recently purchased the car, you can pay the road tax online - Buy Road Tax or at any post office with your green receipt from page 2 of the V5C (New Vehicle Ticket Details). For advise on selling your car you can see car dealerships near me too.