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Offers and promotions were not as popular in good times when car sales were growing at a healthy rate, so the user waited until the end of the year, or perhaps the end of the month, to 'search' for the best car price.

Manufacturers and merchants are currently offering discounts to encourage people to buy. When is the best time to buy a car? Is there a better month to buy a car than now?

Purchase a vehicle toward the end of the year

Despite the fact that the more aggressive discounts offered by brands and dealers towards the end of the year have been decreased as a result of the economic crisis, it is still feasible to get better deals as the new year approaches. If the points of sale do not meet the producers' goals, they will be pushed to get rid of the "stock" by offering better discounts. If you pick this option, keep in mind that the change of year will result in a bigger depreciation of your car as soon as it leaves the showroom.

Purchase a vehicle at the conclusion of the month

Because of the industry's uncertainties and rapid technical progress, producers and dealers have been obliged to set goals in shorter time frames. As a result, it is easier to locate savings throughout the year, with deals that may increase as the month draws to a close.

Purchase a vehicle right prior to its refurbishment.

Another good time to buy a new car is when it is about to be refreshed, i.e. when the manufacturer is preparing to release a new generation or an upgrade. Dealers should remove their previous version stock units as quickly as feasible and resell them at a cheaper price in this circumstance. The size of the discount will always be determined by the model's demand.

At special events, you can buy any car.

When auto shows occur, manufacturers take advantage of the chance to entice the public with special offers and promotions. National events, as well as more local events, are organized. Keep track of your municipality's or province's agenda.

Buy a car on Black Friday, which is another fantastic time to (last Friday in November). This American holiday has turned into a major commercial phenomenon in the run-up to Christmas shopping, with even car companies advertising tempting deals.

Cars with zero miles on the clock

Dealerships are often required to self-register units in order to meet their monthly quotas, which they then have to sell as zero-meter autos. Buying a cheaper new car can be a fantastic option, but do your research before making a decision, and consider the date on which it was registered, because, with today's constant promotions, it may not be worth it. It will depend, first and foremost, on the type of model you seek, particularly if it is in high demand.

On Mondays or throughout the month of August

August or Mondays are seasons when retailers have a lower volume of traffic, making it easier to find great deals.