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In a market that is contracting, electric automobiles are nonetheless having a field day. Not just in brand-new vehicles, but also in used vehicles with zero emissions, with a particular focus on pre-owned vehicles, whose sales rose by more than 50% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in the previous year. Electric Car news in the United Kingdom have been on the rise recently.

This is the conclusion of the "ElectricarVO" and the Ganvam Vehicle Sales Association. The MOVES III plan, in addition to a higher demand for this kind of mechanics, which has increased even more with the rise in gasoline prices, are credited with this resurgence, the corporation claims.

Although this growing tendency also has a negative side, which is the rise in the average cost of used electric vehicles. Something that affects the whole world, including thermal ones, as a result of a declining supply caused by a scarcity of microchips.

Used electric vehicle sales are dominated by previously owned automobiles, propelled by MOVES III.

This research claims that between January and March, sales of used electric vehicles increased by a whopping 52 percent, reaching 3,040 units. When one considers that 3,446 new zero-emission vehicles have been sold in only three months, the number is astounding.

Pre-owned electric cars that are under a year old, which account for four out of every 10 transfers and have seen a rise of 55 percent in that category, are the clear winners. Many have upgraded to the latest electric vehicles by selling their old vehicles and getting instant online car valuation 

Up until March, the growth rate for children aged three to five was set at 53 percent, accounting for more than a quarter of the market.

The employers' organisation of car vendors claims that the month of March in particular saw a considerable increase in internet demand. They also mention that the price of traditional fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, has been rising dramatically—by 192% this month alone.

Sales of used electric vehicles have actually been increasing since the start of the year: data from the National Association of Merchants of Vehicles shows that as of the end of January, used electric vehicle sales totaled 772 units, an increase of 102.6 percent (Ancove).

Ganvam believes that this rise in transactions has aided the MOVES III purchase incentive programme in boosting pre-owned electric vehicle sales.

Unsurprisingly, this state assistance administered by the autonomous communities may also be used to acquire plug-in vehicles that dealers have in stock with a remaining lease of no more than nine months. In the pre-owned offer from the makers, that is. Advantages of electric cars are endless. 

Used electric vehicles typically cost around 32,000 euros.

The employers' organisation claims that this uptick in electric used car sales has also led to a price hike for these zero-emission used automobiles at a time of rising demand.

In particular, its cost has climbed by 22.5% from the first quarter of 2021, from an average of 25,954 euros to the present 31,796 euros. When compared to the final quarter of last year, when it stood at 28,336 euros, the difference is already significant.

It makes sense that the oldest models on the market are the ones that sell the electric vehicles. In other words, the number of vehicles sold with zero emissions that have been on the market for several years may be tallied on the fingers of one hand.

Thus, the Renault ZOE, which has 516 units and a market share of 17% of all used zero emission vehicles, is the one positioned at the top, per the research. The clever fortwo EQ (315 units) and the BMW i3, two additional venerable veterans, are placed next on the podium (2016).