In its second year of life, a car has already lost half its initial value. But it is possible to get the most out of it and get it ready before the sale. Taking care of the paint and interior details, changing the lights that do not work, or cleaning the engine excessively are some of the keys.

According to the study, among people who do not intend to buy a car in the future, the main reason (44%) is that they prefer to "keep the current car". Another compelling reason why respondents do not study purchasing a vehicle (32%) is that "they cannot or do not want to assume the expense" at present.

Faced with these figures, something also familiar among those who face a difficult economic situation is selling their vehicle. With the crisis, many people are launching to sell their cars to contribute extra money.

Even though vehicles in their second year of life already lose up to 50% of their original price, they can revalue it and get it ready for sale through a few simple tips by “We are Car Buyer”.

Give wax, polish wax.

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects to consider is the exterior. It is the first image of the car that you see to see, both in the ad's photos and when meeting the potential buyer.

Therefore, one of the essential tips is to wash, dry, and apply a layer of wax that restores the shine to the car from when it was new. "If once washed, you detect that the paint" scratches "like a matchbox, it means that you need to decontaminate the paint.

This is easily fixed with the decontamination tablet, a solution that eliminates those traces of pollution that remain embedded in the paint and that leave a finish like a freshly painted one.

Similarly, hydrating "unpainted" plastics such as door handles, bumpers, windshield wiper area, and window surrounds. It is also advisable to pay special attention to the tires' condition to eliminate the remains of the brake.

Change license plate

One of the aspects that can considerably "clean up" the appearance of a second-hand car is the license plate. The license plate attracts a lot of attention. If the license plate of your car is damaged or bent by blows, you may be interested in investing  £12 in the acquisition of a new one, and you will have the feeling of having taken years off the car.

Pristine interior

Of course, the interior image of a car is critical when it comes to selling it. For this reason, experts advise suitably vacuuming seats and carpets to remove dirt. Similarly, special attention must be paid to interior surfaces and trim, stripping them of shoe marks and accumulated dust.

To do this, you can use a microfiber cloth soaked in soapy water and then apply an interior plastic conditioner. "Front and rear windshields, windows, and mirrors. Don't forget about them, and it's very unpleasant to see fingerprints and adhesive stains," they comment.

Don't clean the engine too much.

A clean and shiny engine will make the buyer suspect that it may have leaks or leaks and spoil all the effort made. If the car has these drawbacks, it is better to be honest so that the buyer does not feel cheated.

On the other hand, it is essential to check and replace all lamps and lights, both interior and exterior, that do not work.

Best day

Finally, from "We are Car Buyer" it is warned, "never show your car to a future buyer in a basement, garage, underground parking lot or similar, or at night. After the work is done, your car needs a sunny day to be worn in all its splendour". . Contact us for free Car Valuation, we will never give you low offers but what you expect.