For that reason, we present several points and conclusions to understand why it is advisable to buy own car and forget about public transportation many times. Having a reliable car is much important and you can upgrade your car too by selling the existing one which will save you time and money in the long run. Best Car Buyers in the UK gives you instant online valuation with their free car valuation tool. 

Less travel time to workplaces

When we have our vehicle, mobility is much easier. Even transfers can be done with better planning of both route and time. We know that many vehicles have GPS systems and maps that indicate the route to reach our destination step by step.

Do not rely on timetables.

Those of us who take public transportation every day to get to work or home know that schedules dictate a significant part of our day: the commuter train that only runs every hour, the urban bus that takes you closer to home, and so on. When we have to use multiple modes of transportation or take part in a walking trip, your day becomes a real Tetris of minutes. This difficulty does not exist if you have your car; you calculate it’s time to come and leave when you need it.

Public transportation timetables are exacerbated at night or on weekends, when many buses, train, and metro services are reduced in frequency or suspended entirely. They stop being an option in situations as routine as having a few drinks with friends, going to a concert with your partner, or catching an early flight. Many of us have had to go out looking for an "owl" because the service was closed or have had to spend the night at the airport because we couldn't get to our morning flight.


The comfort of traveling in your car with your music, air conditioning, or heating is incomparable. In the case of having children, besides being essential to be comfortable, it is vital to have them safe. Remember that babies or children under 12 must travel in special seats that you can find in our baby section.

Costs are shared.

Travelling by car can be less expensive if you split the costs with your passengers. To travel, carpooling allows you to discover travel partners. If you work with co-workers or go out with pals, it will be less costly than buying X individual tickets.

Better handling of equipment and materials

Another critical point is when, in our work, school or other places, we have to transport some small equipment or material, be it computers, school work or simply our gym suitcase.

Moving them from point A to point B will be the most uncomplicated and most comfortable in your car. In addition, belongings will travel safely as long as they are well accommodated.

You organize your tour.

If you don't have the correct route or connections, a brief trip in a private vehicle might turn into a full gymkhana on public transportation. And it's because (logically) the lines and routes can't be tailored to everyone's demands. When you have your car, you can take the path you choose and, at the very least, divert if you need to run an errand or avoid traffic congestion.

Manage your speed.

Driving your car is faster than taking public transportation in many cases. Public transport can only compete if the route passes through your location, and you'll be delayed considerably by frequent stops and even the feared delays if you're in the area. On the other hand, the urban bus is subjected to rush hours and traffic jams and is unable to take alternate routes to escape them. There are no stops or pre-determined routes when you drive your car, but you may be as efficient as possible by taking the shortest route.

More luggage storage

If you're from a big city and frequently utilize public transportation, you've probably seen folks with baby carriages, bicycles, suitcases, shopping bags, and so on. Space is limited on the subway or bus, and even an essential coat can be a significant annoyance. You don't have that difficulty with a car; even the tiniest car has enough space to store a month's worth of groceries. 


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